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Blue Granite Countertops kitchen Design in Atlanta GA, Atlanta Georgia

Blue granites, like most granite, are found in a wide variety of shades within the blue palette and are mostly quarried in Africa, Norway, Ukraine, and Brazil. They are sought after primarily for thebeauty and rarity in their patterns. These patterns come from the minerals of the stone and fall into two categories. They can be veined, meaning minerals create a different color from the base color and form veins or swirls in the stone. The other type is homogeneous, meaning the varying minerals are distributed evenly for a uniform pattern.They typically have a blue base with secondary colors ranging from whites, grays, browns, and other shades of blue.

Blue Granite is fast becoming a popular granite color choice for kitchens by many homeowners and designers. From the reflective flashes of blue minerals embedded in dark granite to the cool waves of light blue quartzite, there are few choices more exotic or more likely to spark a conversation in the kitchen.



Granite Countertop Fayetteville offers expert design, fabrication, and installation of granite countertops at discounted prices. Our trained and knowledgeable design team can help you choose the perfect stone for your project, including all available options and within your budget.

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