Bainbrooke Brown

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    Bainbrooke Brown granite features a very consistent rich color in the beige-brown color family. It has a medium brown variation in the granite with hints of cream, white, gray, and black flecks.Each granite slab is different, with distinctive veining, shading, and mineral deposits to create patterns that are beautiful and unique.

    When this granite is paired with lighter colored cabinets, the cream and white mineral deposits stand out. A room with a lot of natural light also brings out the white and simply sparkles. Dark cabinets gives the countertops a more uniform appearance, with little variance. However, if there is natural light, the black flecks will be emphasized and give the room a very warm look and feel.

    Bainbrooke Brown continues to be a very popular choice for countertops in kitchens, bathrooms, bar areas, and outdoor kitchens. This brown granite adapts well with many decors, but is especially well suited with an earthy, warm style. These color combinations make it the perfect complementary granite to basically any décor.

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    • Date November 4, 2013
    • Tags $27 Granite Deal

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