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    Bella White granite features beautiful, rich colors of grey and white. This color granite offers an amazing look, especially when paired with white cabinets. This stone looks light grey in appearance from a distance,with variations in the shade from more white to more grey, veining, and contrasts. At a closer look, the slab is actually white, and can range in color from very white to an almost grey color.Each slab is different, each with distinctive color details and even flecks of black mineral deposits to create patterns that are beautiful and one of a kind.

    Bella White granite has a medium level of variation. The main variant within the stone are the white, grey, and white minerals. They can be quite abundant or they can be nearly non-existent; they will just differ slightly in their frequency. This stone will look a little different in rooms with different light. In darker rooms the grey minerals will blend in a little more and the stone will take on a more uniform but darker appearance. In rooms with a lot of natural light the white will be much more pronounced and the effect will be brighter and the patterns will be more pronounced.

    Bella White granite countertops are extremely popular and in high demand. The neutral colors found in this granite make it the ideal color choice for any décor or style, from traditional to contemporary, or to anything in between.

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    • Date November 4, 2013
    • Tags $30 Granite Deal

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